TODAY’S MEDITATION – You’re not late, it is the world that is late!

My brother, my sister, don’t ever regret following Jesus after rejecting the things of the world. The Bible tells us that one day soon… one day would come when people would throw their idols away. Today’s passage says this: “For in that day every one of you will reject the idols of silver and gold your sinful hands have made.”

Yes, those things that people who are in the world seem to have and idolize today while you have decided to set your eyes on Christ, once that day comes, they will reject it and recognize that they were nothing but human-made objects. My friend, everything in the world is perishable; everything in the Lord is eternal. Yes, people around you may be driving big cars while you are giving tithes and offerings… people in the world may be looking good while you spend time seeking Christ and you can’t even buy yourself new clothes to look good, know that God is not sleeping and what you are giving Him (energy, time, money, etc) is stored in heavenly places for eternity. But be assured that, one day soon, the world will desire what you have today in Christ! You’re not late, it is the world that is late!

You know, idols such as money, fame or success are very seductive. Instead of contributing to our spiritual development, they can rob us of our energy, time and devotion that ought to be directed towards God. Idols around us seem exciting and promise to take us places, but in the end we will find out that we have become their slaves. So, if you see God is still not giving you some of the things you have asked Him, He knows everything and maybe it is because He sees the danger in front of you, that you may not see. So, focus on building a strong relationship with Him now to be strengthened in your faith and walk with Him. He knows your needs and desires. All He does not want for you is to lose the freedom Christ has bought back for you at the Cross. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.