TODAY’S MEDITATION – Your situation is not your destination: the Lord restores! (Joel 2:25-26 ).

Sometimes, my brother, my sister, we can feel so down that we start thinking that our life is beyond repair because things look so messed up that we don’t see how life will ever be good or normal again. No, my friend, our God is the God of restoration and no matter how dark and hopeless your life may look today… with Christ your future is bright. Yes, Christ died on the cross to bring new things into your life, a new beginning, a new covenant and new way of doing things. If you want Jesus to change your life, stick to Him and His Words that bring hope and future, joy and peace, because He is the God who is telling you this today: “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord, because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares” (Jeremiah 30:17). At this moment you may struggling, have many questions or crying from the depth of your soul and saying when will God heal me? Restore me? When is my time, Lord? My friend, never give up because as long as you remain with our Lord, your life is not beyond restoration. Your situation is not your destination. Despite your present circumstances or your past, God will never give up on you like people would. Therefore, today, open your heart for the Lord’s healing: He is the only one who can call those things that do not exist into existence. He is specialised in restoring hopes, broken dreams, wounded spirits, troubled minds, and hopeless lives. Come to Him as you are! Bring your situation that seems hopeless or beyond repair to the Lord : there is nothing beyond His power of restoration. Yes our God can restore, forgive and take a broken vessel and make it whole again. Do not allow your present state or your past brokenness keep you from claiming what is yours. Today, allow him to restore you lovingly by making today’s verses yours, and you will never be the same again. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.