TODAY’S MEDITATION – Your role is to show forgiveness and compassion (John 8:3-11)

Many people who read the Bible also tend to use the Bible according to their own understanding, which many not necessarily be what the Lord said. It is unfortunately so common to hear believers chanting that we have lived in the time of grace, as if the Lord overlooks their sins while it is not the case of the others. Yes, for such people, it seems that the grace of God stops only at their door, so much that when someone around them does something they consider wrong, they become judges! Let’s recall that the grace all of us have received through the sacrifice of the cross comes from God and cannot be imparted or distributed by any man as he decides who is living under the grace or not, because that grace implies forgiveness and compassion that only God can fill us with when we open our hearts to Him. Yes, imagine a family that forgives someone who has murdered their loved one? Do you think it is a natural thing for them to do? No, it requires God’s love, forgiveness and compassion that gives them enough peace to forgive! My brother, my sister, in this passage, we see that Jesus Himself did not deny the fact that the adulterous woman should have been stoned in keeping with the Law of Moses. Yet, as a response to the Jewish leaders who were trying to trap Him, He highlighted the importance of compassion and forgiveness by saying that only a sinless person could throw the first stone. My friend, when people around you are caught in sin, are you quick to pass judgment? To do so is to act as if you have never sinned. The Bible tells us it is God’s role to judge, not ours. Yes, as God’s children, our role is to show forgiveness and compassion. Let’s all pray today that the Lord will fill us with forgiveness and compassion so that we may not be tempted to judge the others. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]