TODAY’S MEDITATION – You don’t need to know the future, you only need to prepare for it (James 4:13-17)

It is a natural human feeling to try and know the future. That is the reason why psychics, soothsayers, astrologers make millions each year in the world because people want to know what the future holds . Let me tell you the story of Jeane Dixon, a famous American astrologer who had announced the assassination of Kenedy and died in 1997 of a heart attack a few days after reading the future of many people… but she obviously had not seen her own sudden and unexpected death that occurred just after she announced her intention to start a new project to expand her psychic network! The sad reality is that, this trend has also entered the church of Christ because many Christians are more fascinated about knowing what their future holds and go to church looking for a prophecy, rather than to know our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Yes, the truth must be told: My brother, my sister, today, our churches are filled with miracle-seekers if not prophecy-seekers. Yet in the New Testament, every time there is a reference to the second coming of Christ that we are expecting any time soon, an exhortation to godliness and holy living follows. That is exactly the point that James is making in this passage: knowing the future is not near as important as being prepared for the future. My friend, the Word of God is clear about two things: “do not worry about your life” (Matthew 6:25) and “do not worry about tomorrow” (Mathew 6:34). However, instead of trying to know about your future, you are commanded to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). Yes, knowing the future won’t change anything in your life, because the One who knew you before you were in your mother’s womb has already designed your life for you and all He is asking you is to seek His kingdom and his righteousness first by investing your life in those things that are eternal, in Christ! That’s how you will be preparing for the future. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.