TODAY’S MEDITATION – You don’t know the time (Matthew 25:13)

You don’t know the time the Lord has set to visit you in order to deliver you, bless you, change your life with a breakthrough, transform you or even take you out of this world. My brother, my sister, we don’t know the time. Today’s passage says this: “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

What is delaying God’s action and weakening the church of the manifestation of the power of God is the fact that we, the believers, are trying to control time by setting up agendas independently of God. If you don’t know the day God has decided to act in your life, then the only thing you are asked to do is to keep watch… IN HIS PRESENCE! Have you even seen a child waiting for a parent at the window, watching the return of this parent? Most of the time, when such a child would be waiting for that parent because they have been promised something.

My brother, my sister, God has promised you many things, including deliverance, healing, material things, etc. Unless you keep watch, you may just miss the opportunity to be blessed when the time comes, just because you might not be well positioned for Him to bless you. You don’t know the day and the hour! God is faithful: yesterday we had a great unexpected deliverance. The Lord delivered someone who was reluctant coming to the healing conference because “it was going to be too long”. Now, it is the person’s own deliverance that ended up making the conference almost 3 hours longer. Today, I want to address you who choose the service you want to attend, you who move from churches to churches, you who pray when you want to do so or feel like it only… and tell you that you don’t know the day and the time… so ensure you are always well positioned for God to deliver you, heal you, bless you or change your life. Jesus is not a wanderer to be looking for you when He comes to deliver you: if your heart is not positioned where He expects to find you, if you are absent like the foolish virgins that day and hour… who’s fault/mistake is it? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.