TODAY’S MEDITATION – Worship the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly (Lamentations 2:6-7)

Today, most people, especially, those in the world and worldly believers, think that being a church-goer is enough to claim to be a Christians. In these verses, we understand that the Temple was the central place of worship. My brother, my sister, that was in Jeremiah’s day!!! You see, at that time, people assumed that God would never allow His Temple to be harmed, since it represented God’s presence with the people (1 Kings 8:1-11). So, many of them must have been surprised when God destroyed it owing to people rejecting Him, which now symbolised the fact that God was no longer among them. But since then, Jesus came and broke the veil, making us have direct access to God and enabling His Spirit to dwell in us, so that we have individually become the Temple of God. What does this imply, my friends? That your place of worship is not as important to God as the priority your put in taking time to worship Him. A church building may be beautiful, but if its people don’t sincerely follow the Lord, the church will decay from within. Here, the Bible shows us that, despite having a stunning Temple, because the people of Judah rejected God in their daily lives, their worship had turned into a mocking lie before God. This has to bring us to reflect: when we worship, are we saying words we don’t really mean? Do we pray for help we don’t really believe will come? Do we express love for the Lord when we don’t really feel love for Him? We should be careful not to worship in vain or make our time of worship to become an abomination to the Lord. I invite you to earnestly seek the Lord and catch a fresh vision of His everlasting love and care, and above all to worship Him wholeheartedly. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.