TODAY’S MEDITATION – Why do you get tired of praying ?

Why is it that sometimes we get tired of praying? Because God planned His things His ways but man always tries to change what God has already set. My brother, my sister, when you do what God says in His Word, then His principles applies.

Many believers’ faith is wavering because they don’t pray or the zeal of prayer of the first days is gone. Why so? Because they have exhausted all their prayer vocabulary, they have prayed for the same things for years and nothing changes. My friend, let’s look at Jesus. Even on the cross, He prayed for us and the Bible shows us that He kept praying for others, including us today as He is sitting at the right hand if the Father. Therefore, if your prayer life is dying or has already been fading away, it is because of your prayers: they must be self-centered, selfish and with no interest before God while the Bible says: “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” (Ephesians 6:18).

My friend, God answers prayers. If you see Him not answering yours, then stop lamenting and reevaluate what you are praying for… How you pray and when you pray. Also, may be start praying for someone else instead of focusing on your own prayer request. Yes, the Bible says: “pray for one another”. How often do you pray for others instead of yourself in a day, a week, a month? Have you realised that someone may be going the same, if not, greater difficulties in the kind of situation you are right now?

Jesus came to lay down His life for us. Let’s learn to do the same in prayers for our family members, our friends, our neighbours, our church, our community, our nation… My friend, if your nation goes well, you may no longer be unemployed or feel financial strain! If love is inside your family, the stress the others are experiencing from outside pressures cannot affect you, etc… Have a broader perspective when you pray and extend your prayers topic. Your well will never tarry. In the contrary, the more you pray for others, the more God will give you prayer topics and use you mightily to set the captives free. Yes, that fire you lack can be solved as you turn your prayers from you to others. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.