TODAY’S MEDITATION – Whoever can truly recognize God’s hand will also be looking for it all the time (1 Peter 5:6)

Today’s passage says: “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you”…

It’s such a great thing to recognize God’s hand. Unfortunately, a human hand means more to some people than God’s hand. So, when they need help, they look for that human hand to stretch out to them and give them what they need or to supply their needs. They recognize that human hand right away, see that human hand at once, but when God stretches forth His hand, many children of God fail to see it. My brother, my sister, learn to recognize the hand of God as soon as it is stretched towards you.

Elijah and Elisha (and many others in the Bible) recognized the hand of God and God did wonderful things through them because they had faith in His hand. Because they could recognize it, they always looked for it. This then explain why many believers are quick looking for man than God: they just can’t recognize the powerful hand of God at work around or in them. My friend, recognizing the hand of God will teach you to depend on God’s hand rather than man’s as it will enable you to find out that God is always there to help you.

Allow me to give a short testimony of the mighty hand of our Lord at work, not only to encourage you but also to help you learn to wait on Him. Last week I went to Paris for a church seminar, but “end of year” and unforeseen bills flooded me all of the sudden. My friend, we do not see God’s hand because we fail to look for it. I have to admit that I mechanically turned to people first as if 1 week to find the amount I needed was too much for God. Of course, I prayed asking the Lord to lead my steps… then I started strong prayers against any form of financial burden or oppression… Lord have mercy on us! Yes, fear, doubt, insecurity, all those things or feelings that lead us to choose our ways over God’s are making us waste our time and destroy our peace not to say our relationship with God as we lack to acknowledge His mighty power in such circumstances. Now, as the people I called turned me down, I started feeling frustrated, because I could see the deadlines short. We are all human beings! But as I always preach, we can worry but never dwell on the worry… we can feel bad but never dwell on bad feeling. It is when we let it take over that we lose track of the Lord!

On Thursday, after I realised all doors where remaining closed, I decided to give up and turn back to the Lord. Yes, most of us do the same mistakes over and over, isn’t it? Now, back to the Lord quoting Matthew 6:25-34, I said to Him I was not going to worry, because this is really a need and He knows everything, including my deadlines. I travelled with peace of mind after putting everything in His hands… As soon as I arrived in Paris, opening my mails, to my surprise a cheque was waiting for me from one of my publishers. Of course the amount could not pay all the bills, but I leapt with joy thanking the One who says “for the world is mine, and all that is in it” (Psalm 50:12), because He had stretched His mighty hand over me.

My friend, the problem is that when we are in need, because we have an idea of where we think the solution would come, we focus on it, ignoring that the ‘where and when’ should never be our problem, it is the Lord’s business! Now, look at this, this publisher normally sends reports of book sales in June and payments follow until September, so why did I receive it in October? Because the Lord knew I would really needed the money in October instead of earlier and this is my first payment of this editor on a book I wrote in 2005 (to be honest, I had forgotten about that book!). So, even if you see delays, don’t complain for the more you complain, the more the anger of God comes towards you (Numbers 14:26-27); don’t worry (Matthew 6:25-34)… trust in the Lord for He says “call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me” (Psalm 50:15). Our Lord is never late. Our Lord is faithful. Today, be encouraged to leave the place of worry, fear, doubt, insecurity and renew your trust in Him to be able to see and recognize His mighty hand at work in you and through you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.