TODAY’S MEDITATION – Who will roll the stone away for you? (Mark 16:1-7)

In these verses, we read that the ladies who came to Jesus’ grave on that first Easter morning were concerned about the stone which blocked their access to the body of Christ. My brother, my sister, what is interesting here is that they knew that a stone was blocking their way. Yet, they would not let the stone stop them! Yes, despite the difficulty facing them, they began their journey towards the stone and we can hear them asking to each other as they walked along the way: “Who is going to move the stone out of our way?” My friend, just like the stone over the grave of Jesus was an obstacle to these women, we all have stones which prevent us from reaching out in faith to Jesus Christ. When you find yourself with so many bills that no solution seems to be found, you start wondering “who will roll this stone away from me?” ; when you come across someone who doesn’t know the Lord, and their heart is cold, stony, and impenetrable, are you going to let the stone stop you? When your health is failing you and you’re lying on your bed with affliction, are you going to let the stone stop you? When problems rush to you from every corner, are you going to let the stone stop you? You see, the truth is that the enemy wants the stone to stop you. The devil wants the stone to stop your marriage from working. The devil wants your family to fail. The devil wants the stone to stop you from knowing God’s plan for your life. The devil wants your job to be a burden to you. The devil wants to stop you from getting your education. The devil wants to stop you from sharing Jesus with someone else. The devil wants to stop you from worshiping and praising God. Are you going to let his stone stop you? What you should learn from the Word today is that, the stone at the grave was rolled away, not to let Jesus escape, but because it could not stand on Jesus’ way. Yes. My friend, the Bible calls Jesus “The One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their King will pass through before them, the Lord at their head.” Yes, Jesus does not just roll away our stones or the reproach of sin in our lives. He also breaks down the gates, the barriers in our lives that keep us from Him or from enjoying life in abundance. He does all the work. He made the sacrifice so we would not have to. He died so that we could live; He rose from the dead overcoming death, hell and the grave so we could also overcome death, hell and the grave. Let’s trust Him and rest on Him, for He is the only one who can truly roll the stone away from our lives. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]