TODAY’S MEDITATION – Who knows best between the Lord and you? (Psalm 139:7)

KNOWLEDGE. Part of what we know was acquired through education (in our family and/or at school), experience, books we read, videos we watch… And when we look back and with a different perspective, we see that there was always someone at the start of whatever we know. My brother, my sister, that someone is God: He is the One inspiring people with inventions (creations) that enable us to lead a better life today than in the past. It is simple: He is the Creator! Now, you may say that most inventors are not believers. Yet and still, God uses whoever He wants to fulfil His plan on earth: He allowed a lying prostitute, Rahab (Joshua 2:1-7) to protect His people and she and all her family were finally saved… He alowed the king’s wife to lose her status to establish Esther, for His people to find favour where His people were threatened.

My friend, God is omniscient and He knows what tomorrow holds for us because He is the Creator of tomorrow. Science, books, etc. gives us some knowedge, but THE knowledge comes from the Creator. Get closer to Him to get some for your situation. He is generous enough to dive you not only knowledge, but also wisdom and means to apply the knowledge He has given you so that His purposes may be fulfilled. Yes, the Lord is omnipresent (present everywhere), which means He knows your past, present and future. This also tells us that we can never escape from His Spirit. Is that not good news for us who know Him and love Him to know that wherever we are and wherever we go, we can never be away from the comforting presence of Gode (Romans 8:35-39). Therefore, lets learn to also allow Him to guide us for everything we undertake in order to avoid paddling in the mud of doubt, confusion or unnecessary questions about our future. God knows better than you about your career, your marriage, your relationships, your children, your past and why it is as it is … He knows your future, etc, etc… Draw near Him to know what He has to say about the things that concern you specifically. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.