TODAY’S MEDITATION – Which fire warms your soul right now? (Mark 9:42-44 and Acts 2:1-9)

My brother, my sister, the Bible tells us that there are two kinds of fires: one is positive and one is negative. Let’s look at them closely to understand the meaning of today’s question, as each one of is either cleansed and sanctified through the continual fire of the Holy Spirit or is surely being cast everlastingly into the lake of fire called Hell. While the latter does not sound pleasant to our ears, it does not change the truth. Both fires exist. Both the fire of the Holy Spirit and the fire of Hell exist. And the choices we make in this life determine our everlasting destination.

So, let’s look at both fires and see what each fire contains: first, both fires are eternal, but while one points to a failure (the failure of accepting and receiving God’s amazing grace), the fire of the Holy Spirit points to a life of fullness, a life where a person is both one with God and with other believers.

Jesus tells us that hell was built for the devil and his angels, not for mankind (Matthew 24:41). Hell was designed for those angels who had rebelled against God and who had made the choice to leave God’s heavenly kingdom. It was built for those who did not want anything to do with God or with holiness. That is the reason why God has done everything He could to keep man from experiencing the fire of hell: God sent His only Son Jesus so that all of us could escape the fires of ell and enjoy the fires of the Holy Spirit (John 3:16). But the sad truth is: people choose either to go to Heaven or to Hell. Nobody gets there by accident My friend, those who rejects Jesus as Lord and Saviour are rejected salvation, purity and sanctification. You and I know that we do not have to experience the fire of hell, the fire of failure. Instead, through the indwelling presence of Holy Spirit we can enjoy the fire of fullness, the fire that brings cleansing, purity and wholeness, the fire that removes all of our sins and our guilt, the fire that purifies us and sanctifies us wholly.

So, which fire warms your soul right now? Are you enjoying the joy and peace offered by the fire of the Holy Spirit or do you feel the fear and guilt coming from the fire of hell? My friend, today, determine not to allow the fire of hell (the fire of failure) to dictate your life. Do not allow the fire of hell to consume you. Instead, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and ask Him to save you and baptise you with His Holy Spirit. Allow the Fire of the Holy Spirit to continually purify, cleanse and sanctify your spirit, your mind and your heart and to lead you into a progressive walk of holiness; allow the Lord to forgive you, redeem you, renew you and revive you, allow the Holy Spirit to help you be a light for others to also find Jesus. Stay blessed in Jesus, name.