TODAY’S MEDITATION – Where do you dwell? (Psalm 91:1)

Today’s passage says this: “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”

My brother, my sister, where is your shelter? Going to church, singing in the church, serving others in the name of Christ does not mean that your shelter is in the Most High. Let’s look at the definition of the verb ‘to dwell’ to understand this verse: ‘dwell is to live as a permanent resident; to exist in a given place or state; to fasten one’s attention on something, especially persistently’.

My friend, have you permanently made your residence in the shelter of Jesus? Have you made your life to exist in his shelter? Is your attention fastened on His Kingdom persistently?

Now, many believers know about the Lord Jesus Christ but they do not dwell in His shelter: they come to him on a set term, not to say a short-term and when what they expect or hope from Him does not happen immediately, they move to another residence. If this sounds like an accusation or blame to you, then you should truly check yourself: ‘to dwell’ means staying in the same place emotionally, physically and spiritually… and move forward instead of returning to our comfort zone! My friend, when trials and tribulations come your way, do you shake or dwell in the shelter of the Most High? When problems pop into your life uninvited, do they find you dwelling in the shelter of Jesus? How many people move from their place of faith and start doubting the Lord or their own faith and sometimes belief? How many give up and even stop going to church for some time to try and sort themselves out first as if the church was the cause of their problems? Yet, this verse tells us this: we can find rest in the shadow of the Most High when we dwell in His shelter first. We should therefore understand that, the devil can manage to steal our peace in all the areas of life (family, finances, marriage, work, health, etc…) only when we have moved from the place of shelter offered to us by Jesus. The Bible says Satan is prowling looking for someone to devour… don’t be his prey! For sure, He cannot catch up with us when we dwell in the shelter of the Most High… So, my friend, if the devil has managed to bring some unrest in your life, check your place and position right now… look for the way back to the Lord’s shelter where you will certainly find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. But also, ensure to close the doors that are giving access to the devil: grumbling and whispering hearts, twisting or gossiping tongues and disobedience to what the Lord is asking us to do in His Word. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.