TODAY’S MEDITATION – When you really perceive the Lord’s holiness… (Isaiah 6:1-9)

Our daily frustrations, the society’s pressures and our shortcomings can deeply narrow our view of God. My brother, my sister, many of us read the Bible regularly and try to know who Jesus Christ is in order to be lifted up when feeling down or to be empowered to deal with our problems or concerns. But that is not all a Christian should look for! My friend, when you see or understand God’s moral perfection like Isaiah did in this passage, the only thing you want to do is what he did: realise that you are sinful before God and there is no hope of measuring up to God’s standard of holiness. Therefore you will also realise how much you need Jesus Christ in your daily life! Some people sing the grace we have received in Christ as if it is something that they deserve or that is just there for them no matter what. My friend, the grace has already been poured out for all who believe in Jesus! Yet, there is a painful cleansing process that we all need to go through and accept, by the confession of our sins and the submission to God’s control. Many Christians stand before God asking Him to forgive their own sins daily while they have not forgiven their brother or sister… Is that what Jesus taught us? My friend, righteousness and holiness are what we should pursue the most as true followers of Christ being assured that the Lord will purify us by the work of the Holy Spirit so that we can truly represent Him who is pure and holy… when we live in obedience to His principles! You see, when you do perceive the Lord’s holiness, unless you accept to live a life of sacrifice, it would be hard for you to realise your own powerlessness and inadequacy to do anything of lasting value without God. Let’s submit to the Lord, to allow Him to continue what He started doing in us. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.