TODAY’S MEDITATION – When the Lord’s power is at work in your church… (Acts 5:14-16)

Nowadays, whenever a company releases a new product, the first instinct is to raise awareness by making it attractive to reach large number of people. As Christians, we see many churches that seek to thrive or grow their number by multiplying programmes, inviting good speakers, improving their premises, etc.. My brother, my sister, let us pause a moment and ask ourselves how were people attracted to the early Church, while all these marketing and promotion things were not available. The answer lies in these verses: people were attracted to the Primitive Church by THE POWER OF GOD AT WORK, by the generosity, sincerity, honesty and unity of its members, but also by the character of the leaders. When you look in most churches today, the sad fact is that our standards are lowered! God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow: He wants believers to His church, not enhanced or great facilities programmes. Yes, appearance is sometimes put forward so much that the essential ingredient needed by the church is set at the last position when it does not simply lack: the power of God at work! You see, the people who passed on Peter’s shadow were healed. It is not the shadow of Peter, but the power of God working through Peter that operated these miracles. Naturally, such miracles did not only attract new believers to the early church, but they also confirmed the truth of the apostles’ teachings and demonstrated that the power of the Messiah, who had been crucified and risen, was now with His followers. HALLELUJAH! Are we not the followers of the same Messiah? So why are so many churches filled with people who are depressed or who have needed deliverance or healing for years? My friends, stop believing that the church is the business of the pastoral team and make this question a personal and serious concern. Yes, I encourage you to pray earnestly for your local church and for THE church, asking the Lord Jesus to work through the people appointed to enable His church to see His power and His name be glorified. The Lord is faithful and He will answer your prayer because it is His will to bless, prosper, heal and attract many people to His Church. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.