TODAY’S MEDITATION – When God speaks… to you! ( Acts 8:26-8:40)

When we read the story of Philip in this passage of the Bible , the first thing we should notice is that Great things happen when God speaks. My brother, my sister, this story is important for you as it teaches you what you should do when God speaks to your hearts, through all means He can use to speak to you. One important thing to know is that when God speaks, we must listen (verses 26-29), and this should be done before making any decision. Because, when you listen He will reveal great things to you just like He did throughout the Bible: He revealed Himself directly to Abraham; in dreams and visions to Daniel; in written words to Moses when dictating the 10 commandments; through His prophets; through the circumstances like He did with Gideon or His angels like with Mary and Joseph. Today, the Lord mostly speaks to us through His Word (2 Timothy 3:16) and His Spirit (2 Peter 1:20-21; Luke 12:12), that is why we must stay in the Word and stay in step with the Spirit so we can listen… and be ready to obey! Yes, listening is not enough; must move to obedience. What we learn from Philip in the this text is that obeying what God says involves us doing exactly what He says. Therefore, partial, delayed, or disgruntled obedience is in fact disobedience. My friend, bear in mind that obedience to what God says opens the door for God to work through you: Philip’s obedience led to the opportunity for God to use him. My friend, the Lord is looking for workers for the Kingdom? Are you listening when He speaks? Are you really doing what He asks you to do when He speaks to you or are you a Jonah waiting to be put in the whale’s womb? Our attitude towards obedience is determinant for God to speak to us and use us the way He wants to… Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.