TODAY’S MEDITATION – What’s your relationship with fellow believers? (Acts 20:31, 36-38)

Sometimes, we see people who have no relationship but themselves or their inner circle… but none with other believers. Today as we read today’s passage, we should learn from Apostle Paul. My brother, my sister, what is your relationship with fellow believers in your local church, in your area, in your family?

Here Apostle Paul’s relationship with the believers is a magnificent example of how Christian fellowship should be. He had cared for the people and loved them, even cried over their needs. They had prayed together and comforted one another. They responded to his care with love and care for him and now they felt sorrow over his leaving. My friend, like Apostle Paul, you can build strong relationships with other Christians by sharing, caring, sorrowing, rejoicing and praying with them. How sad that today’s believers think that being among fellow believers is only to receive. Have you never heard that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)? Yes, you will gather others around you only by giving yourself away to them… Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.