TODAY’S MEDITATION – What’s the basis of your friendship with your friends? (1 Samuel 18:1-4)

When David and Jonathan met, thy became close friends at once. Their friendship is one of the deepest and closest recorded in the Bible. But today, my brother, my sister, we all have friends, but what is the basis of our friendships? You see, the Bible shows us that, David and Jonathan based theirs on commitment to God, not just on each other. That allowed them not to let anything to come between them, not even career or family problems… this was possible only because God was already in the middle of them. Therefore, they drew closer together when their friendship was tested and they remained friends to the end.

You see, Jonathan, the prince of Israel, later realised that David, and not he, would be the next king (1 Samuel 23:17) and that did not weaken his love for David, not arouse jealousy in him… Instead, he would much rather lose the throne of \israel than lose his closest friend.

What should we learn from this friendship? That allowing God to be in the midst of our relationships is a great benefit for us. God is fair and just and He wants us to enjoy our friends, but today most friendships are interested, calculated friendships, lacking sincerity and respect to the level that can allow God to stay in the middle. David and Jonathan are teaching us about what true, genuine friendship. Would you call yourself a true friend to your friends? Are your friends, true friends to you? Unless your friendship is based on your commitment to God, know that it is simple, worldly friendship that can explode at the first wave of trials and tribulations. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.