TODAY’S MEDITATION – What success are you looking for? (Jeremiah 52:34)

Today when we look at the way the world is working, everyone wants success in what they are doing. The sad reality we can observe in the search of success is that many people actually define themselves based on the eyes of others. Now, let’s look at what today’s verse says about Jeremiah: “Day by day the king of Babylon gave Jehoiachin a regular allowance as long as he lived, till the day of his death.”
My friend, imagine this. Jeremiah was a big servant of God and look at how he lived until the end of his life. He needed to live on a daily allowance, which means he had no house or enough money to live the ‘big life’ as defined by the world. Indeed, in the eyes of the world, Jeremiah looks totally unsuccessful because he had no money, no family or friends.
My friend, we are talking about some who prophesied the destruction of a nation, the capital city and the Temple but the leaders of his time did not accept or follow his advice. Worse, nobody liked Jeremiah or listened to him. But as we look back, we see that Jeremiah was a very successful man. Why? Because he successfully completed the Work God gave him to do.
You see, success is not measured by popularity, fame or fortune, because these are temporal measures. There are many examples the Bible shows us about what success is and one of them is King Zedekiah who lost everything by pursuing selfish goals. Let’s not forget that God measures our success through our obedience to His Word, our faithfulness to what He expects of us and our righteousness. Only when we are faithfully doing the work God has given us, hen we are successful in His eyes. So, what success are you looking for? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.