TODAY’S MEDITATION – What is the purpose of this life? (Ecclesiastes 3:9-14)

What is striking about the book of Ecclesiastes is that it shows us that certain paths in this life lead to emptiness and most importantly, it helps us discover the purpose of life. My brother, my sister, what is the purpose of your life? It is important for each one of us to grasp that the wisdom we get from reading the Word of God can spare us from the emptiness that results from a life without God. In this book, Solomon teaches that we will not find meaning in life through knowledge, money, pleasure, work or popularity. Look at the news: some celebrities seem to enjoy all of that, but when you hear about what they also do, you can only qualify that with a few words: the purpose of their lives is empty. How can you imagine that a singer who is earning lots of money and is well-known throughout the world shows her ass to the public during a concert? That singer is still looking for her purpose in life, because her life is without God. Therefore, as a Christian, you are privileged, my friend. Yes, through Christ you don’t have to search anymore like the people in the world, for no pleasure or happiness is possible without God. That’s why the purpose of our life should be to seek His wisdom, His knowledge and peace. And all that is possible since they were displayed by our Great Teacher, Jesus Christ Himself. Yes, my friend, the cure to life’s emptiness is to center your life on the Lord.

Today, determine to fear Him throughout your life, to fill your life and activities with serving God and others rather than with selfish pleasures. Remember Jesus’ words too: “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it” (Matthew 16:25). You want to find your life? Lose it it first by giving it to Christ? You want your business to prosper? Lose it and look after the Lord’s business first! You want to prosper physically, prosper spiritually first by having a personal relationship with the Lord first. You want physical healing, seek spiritual healing first in Christ. My friend, God’s purpose for your life is simple as it depends on who you know, not what we know or how good you are. My friend, do you want to see God’s purposed fulfilled in your life? Then revere Him and give Him the first place in your life! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.