TODAY’S MEDITATION – What is the meaning of integrity for you? (Proverbs 19:1-2)

In our societies today, we commonly see people who are so much afraid of not getting everything they want that they will pay any price to become rich or increase their wealth. Yet, the Word of God says “Better the poor whose walk is blameless than a fool whose lips are perverse” (verse 1). My brother, my sister, a blameless life is far more valuable than wealth. Unfortunately most people in the world, and some Christians, don’t act as if they believe this: they will blatantly cheat on their taxes, steal from stores (recently the news were talking about a mother who stole meat to feed her children!), steal from their employers, withhold tithes, refuse to give when they can, etc… My friends, when you know and love God, you will realise that a lower standard of living, including poverty, is a very small price to pay for personal integrity. Therefore, as believers, we should regularly check on our integrity, because the path to sacrificing it to the wealth of this world is too narrow. That’s why we should always take time and not move hastily through life or rush into the unknown, for haste will lead you to mistakes (verse 2). Be sure you know what you’re doing, where you are heading to and above all what you’re getting into and where you want to go before engaging into anything that may require you to compromise your principles and your integrity. How many times have we heard of people marrying without really getting to know the other person or others trying illicit sex or drugs without considering the consequences? Some people desire riches so much that they will plunge into many jobs at a time without evaluating the consequences on their health, their marriage or their children. My friends, we can obviously not tell all that the future has in store for us, but we need to do our homework by asking Jesus for the right directions to follow and ensure we are following Him in whatever we do, because He came to show us the right way, so that our priorities in this life will be straight and aligned with the will of God. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.