TODAY’S MEDITATION – What is the level of your commitment to the Lord? (Esther 4:16)

Esther is a good example for us to measure the level of our commitment to Jesus. Many believers want to know what commitment is all about or how to become committed. So, they continually pray about it! My brother, my sister, commitment is an attitude! Therefore, stop praying or fasting for it but change your attitude!

‘Save your own skin’ and ‘watch out for number one’ are the mottoes that reflect our world’s selfish outlook on life. My friend, always remember that Jesus said that “Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it” (Luke 17:33) and “the last will be first, and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:16). Today’ let’s look at the reasons why Esther called for a fast to understand her bold stand against the values of the world, which many believers have adopted and bringing to church knowingly or unknowingly.

Today’s passage says this: “Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.”

My friend, Esther did not ask her people to just fast. she said fast for ME! It was not as selfish as people do today asking others to pray for them so that they may get a job, see their selfish ambitions fulfilled. Esther called a fasting and asked the Jew to pray for God’s help on her dangerous mission that was meant to benefit all the people! True enough, when you are experiencing struggles, turn to fellow believers for support by sharing your trials with them and gaining strength from the bond that unites you. Also ask them to pray for you and when others need your support give it willingly. Ideally, this is what believers should do. But in practice, our churches are now filled with people who know only how to ask and receive but are not committed to the cause of Christ or the Kingdom!

Esther’s attitude stands in bold contrast to what we see today within the body of Christ: Esther knew what she had to do and she knew that her mission could cost her her life, that is why she said: “And if I perish, I perish.” My friend, this is what is called commitment! As Christians who know what Jesus did for us on the cross, we should have the same commitment to do what is right for God and the Kingdom, and regardless of the possible consequences in our daily lives. My friend, do you try to save yourself by remaining silent rather than standing up for what is right or glorifies God? Let’s all learn to believe in God and do what he wants us to do and trust Him for the outcome. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.