TODAY’S MEDITATION – What is the foundation of your life as a believer? (Luke 6:46-49)

What is the foundation of your life? Obviously, every believer will answer: Jesus! My brother, my sister, now allow me to ask you this: when trial comes your way, how do you react? Is Jesus really your foundation during hardships? You see, when a house is build on a solid foundation, whether it is sunny or stormy, the house does not move! May be this little story will help you reconsider this question and check yourself: a man is gathered around a meal with his family and he gives thanks and grace to God for providing for them always. After eating, he receives the mail and there is another bill. He starts complaining about all the bills he cannot afford to pay and how life is hard and unfair. His daughter who hears him praising and thanking God over food before, now asks him: “dad, do you believe God hears your prayers?” The dad says “yes, He hears and sees everything we do”. Then the daughter asks: “so, if God hears and sees you, what should he believe about what everything you just said? That you are thankful for the fact that He provides for us or that life is unfair because you cannot pay the bills?”Yes, my brother, my sister, what should the Lord believe when your mouth praises Him and complains about your life or situation?
My friend, what is the foundation of your faith? You see, no wise man builds a house without a foundation, because we all know that a storm or any disaster can strike anytime and break it. In other words, whoever builds a house is not shortsighted and sees far ahead, that is the reason why they make sure the foundations of the house are solid before they start building up the walls, the visible part of the house. Now, it should be the same for our walk with Christ. Many believers start their Christian walk without a foundation or when there is one, they don’t check its solidity themselves, but hurry to believe they have become disciples of the Christ. In fact it is because they are taking the message of salvation for granted and run up and down with it like a trophy, while inside of them there is great spiritual emptiness. My friend, let me tell you today that if you have never learnt that obeying the Lord is like building a house on a strong, solid foundation then your faith will be withering throughout your walk with Him, because only Jesus can help you stand firm when storms come. The reality is that when things are calm in our lives, our foundations don’t seem to matter. But when crises come, our foundations are tested. That is the reason why we hear about depressed believers, believers with suicidal thoughts, lost believers who wander from church to church looking for the Lord while the Bible says He dwells in them through His Spirit. It is therefore important for you to ensure that your whole life is built on a solid foundation, which is knowing and trusting Jesus Christ. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.