TODAY’S MEDITATION – What does your commitment to God cost you? (Mark 14:34-38)

My brother, my sister, we may not face physical execution for or faith, but we probably face many problems that wear us down from time to time: having to deal with irritating people whom we must love and serve; having to face the burden of unfinished tasks or lack of obvious results… coping with friends or family members who let us down or fail to comprehend. All that can truly undermine our faith.

Today, when facing such things, remember that in times of great stress or need, you are vulnerable to temptation, even if you have a willing spirit. that is the reason why Jesus is giving us tools to resist in such cases: keep watch (verse 34) by staying awake and being morally, not to say, spiritually vigilant. He also says we should pray to God in such times (verse 35) because this is how we maintain our vigilance. He added that we should seek support of friends and loved ones (verses 33 and 37) to build up our resistance against temptations and help others, because when one is weak, others are strong. Last but not least, Jesus is asking us to focus on the purpose God has given us (verse 36) because that is the only way we know that we are doing God’s will and not our own.

What does your commitment to God cost you? Unfortunately, many believers are mere consumers than producers who want to spend time asking God for things without ever offering anything with the same fervor as when they ask.My friends, we must be willing to pay any price to gain what is priceless, eternal life! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.