TODAY’S MEDITATION – What do you want? (Psalm 37:4)

Today’s passage says this: Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. My brother, my sister, I have learnt over the past few years that God is my Father and one thing I am sure of is that He does not want me to suffer, be in need or in want of something because those things are what always pushes people to seek for solutions elsewhere. This meditation is to encourage someone to learn to truly trust the Lord as a child trusts a parent. God knows all you are going through, all you need or you want… so, there is no need informing Him of it when you are talking to Him in prayer. He is telling you once again: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).

Let me tell you my story, or my testimony to encourage you. In 2012, I started serving the Lord. Like everyone in Europe, I had debts and credit cards. in 2013, the Lord wrote off £13500 debts, then in 2014, he wrote off about £5000, then one day I received an email not to continue sending payment for a credit card that I was repaying, about £250, because they had cancelled the debt. End of January, I received another email telling me that my last debt (a payday loan taken in 2012 was written off… amount I still had to pay: £976. Let me continue. I am in Paris and I on Wednesday I went to see the dentist. After the treatment, I went to pay for the bill, the cashier said, the dentist did not put anything on the paper but I should give her the prescription to put a stamp on… so I paid nothing and left with the prescription given by the dentist. I have not finished. when I arrived in Paris on Tuesday, I did not bring comfortable shoes to walk, so I went to a shop and wanted to buy a pair of trainers, but they did not have my size, so I just left, thinking I will be here only a few days so that’s fine. Thursday, I went to visit my sister and she said they have a programme at church, so I followed her. After the programme, we went to visit a servant of God she often prays with. Before leaving, the servant of God said, I cannot let you go like that. I have nothing to give you, but will you accept a little gift from me? I said to her the widow who gave a coin was the one who had given the greatest offering according to Jesus, so any gift is much valued in my eyes. She went for some minutes and brought me two pair of shoes, and one of them was EXACTLY the same pair of trainers I wanted to buy on Tuesday. I said to her. God is good: let me tell you the testimony of these trainers that you buy in this shop (I named the shop, and she confirmed!)… We praised God.

What am I trying to say, my friend? There is grace and there is Grace! Seek the GRACE of God (seek to touch God’s heart) and you will see His powerful hand moving before you as never before. Solomon sought it by building a Temple for God before building his palace … and God blessed him as no man on earth will ever be. Now you may say, God has given me favour… and it is true. But let me tell you that He also gives you favour and “God does not show favouritism” (Romans 2:11). But there is one thing: God wants all of us to apply His principles. My friend, when you tithe 10%, I tithe from 20 to 70%… and I have done that years after years; when you never plant seeds, I do it all the time… even my son who is 16 years old, I advised him to start planting a seed so that by the time he goes to university within 2 years, God who have worked on his seeds and they will produce fruit. The principles of God for money are being overlooked by believers who believe that grace will enable them to get out of debts or produce money when they never support any work of God. Let’s not deceive ourselves. When Jesus thought the disciples to pray, his first words were about the Kingdom of God. Unless you invest in the Kingdom of God, you will never reap for the Kingdom… many invest in the world (buy houses, cars, clothes) and give peanuts for the kingdom… I have reversed this trend in 2012 and today in 2017, I am cleared from debts and signs and wonders are following me, for God is in His Word and whoever (believer or not) applies God’s principles, will never lack… May this testimony encourage you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.