TODAY’S MEDITATION – “What do you want?” John 1:35-38)

This passage of John presents two disciples who decided to follow Jesus. As soon as Jesus noticed they were following Him, He asked them: “What do you want?” Other Bible versions say “What are you looking for?” Yes, my brother, my sister, since you have made the decision to follow Christ, what do you want and what are you looking for? You know, following Christ is not enough: we must follow Him for the right reasons. Lots of people follow Him for wrong reasons, and they end up being discouraged by their faith or do not understand why things are not changing in their lives the way they would like. My friend, following Christ for your own purposes would be like asking Him to follow you instead, or to align with you to support and advance your cause, not His. If you really know His purpose for you, you would not hang on your old dreams, your old purposes once you decide to follow the Lord, for doing that is actually looking for your own glory, not His. Today, your life may not look like you want it to be, if you are truly in Christ, then it looks the way God wants it to be. Therefore, continue to align yourself to His purposes. If you feel unhappy with what you have, then the Lord is asking you “what do you want?”, because what you want may not align to His purpose for your life, and two cannot walk together without agreeing; My friend, make sure you have agreed with the Lord before following Him. And keep in mind that one thing is certain: between His purposes for you and your own purposes for yourself, only one assuredly leads to life and it is His. Why? Because He knows the whole period of your life until your death while you are discovering your life day after day… that’s the reason why He is asking you to trust Him, for He knows your tomorrow better than yourself. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]