TODAY’S MEDITATION – ‘What do I need to do to let my light shine?’ (Mark 4:24-25)

Many Christians today are hidden from sight, reluctant to be identified as Christians. My brother, my sister, as a Christian, you are supposed to be the light wherever you are, wherever you go. The light is supposed to help people see clearly. Now, if you are a Christian and people can’t find vision near you, then what has become of your light? What have you done with it?

From time to time it is worth reflecting on ourselves and ask ourselves these questions: ‘does my life show other people how to find God and how to live for Him?’

Self-deception is a tool the enemy uses very well to keep us in bondage and out of scope of the knowledge God want to give us to grow spiritually. If, as you check yourself your answer is ‘no’, ask yourself in what baskets you have hidden your light. Is it in the basket of ‘I know it all’, so even the Holy Spirit cannot help you? Is it in the basket of lust where your desires have to be satisfied and nothing else? Is it the basket of pretence? Is it in the basket of complacency, resentment, embarrassment, stubbornness of heart, disobedience to God’s principles?

My friend, regardless of the basket your light has been hidden in (by yourself or someone else), you’d better get it out of it because that can only keep you from shining. Sometimes, we spend more time praying to God and fasting. The fact is, the light that Jesus has offered each of us cannot be hidden. No matter what people do or say about you, this light cannot darken or be off as long as you abide in Christ and put God’s teaching into practice. So today, think about yourself and ask yourself this question: ‘what do I need to do to let my light shine?’ Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.