TODAY’S MEDITATION – What comes first in your life? (Matthew 6:33)

The Bible says we should seek the Kingdom of God first. My brother, my sister, what comes first in your life? What do you give priority to? You see, seeking the Kingdom of God above everything else simply means to put God first in your life, to fill your thoughts with His will, and to take His character for your pattern, to serve and obey Him in everything. What is really important for you? People, your children, your family, your work, money? The truth is that all of these can quickly become most important to you if you don’t actively choose to give the first place to the Lord in every area of your life. And you will see that, the more you focus on your own desires, the more you worry about them. Therefore, my friend, seek the Kingdom of God first, as He promised in His word that as you are doing so and living righteously, He will give you everything you need. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.