TODAY’S MEDITATION – We need to be humble like Jesus (Luke 14:11)

Nowadays, and unfortunately even in our churches, we commonly see people who are trying hard to give themselves the appearance of humility in order to manipulate others. We also see some people who believe that humility means you have to put yourself down or look miserable. My brother, my sister, humility is not a self-degradation of who you are; instead, it reflects the fact that you have realised your sinful nature, you understand your limitations and you recognize that you have been given gifts and strengths to use for the Kingdom of God as Christ directs you. In other words, a truly humble person’s character and attitude can only be compared with Jesus’ own character and attitude. Here, the Word of God says that “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Therefore, your commitment to serve others like Jesus will determine how humble you are. Yes, my dear friends, Jesus obeyed His Father in everything, even when obedience meant laying down His life on the cross for us. He showed true humility when He placed our need for salvation above His own life. We should be humble in the same way. In fact, to measure your humility, do not only look at your works or what other people think of you, but ask yourself if the needs of the others come before yours. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.