TODAY’S MEDITATION – Walk in the light of the Lord (Isaiah 50:10-11)

In our walk with the Lord, the greatest problem many believers are confronted with is walking in His light… Some people may say they are walking in the life of the Lord because they are going to church regularly, giving offerings and trying to live a holy life. My brother, my sister, Jesus came to establish His church and gave Himself for you through the greatest example of obedience we know: the cross! Therefore, if you are a Christian who really fear the Lord, the first sign you are walking in the of God is by showing you are obedient to His Word. My friend, if you walk by your own light, the Bible says you have become self-sufficient, and the consequence of it is torment (verse 11). Only the Lord has the light that never goes off. Today, check the light that you are using in your walk with the Lord, to ensure its source IS from Jesus, not yours or any man’s. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.