TODAY’S MEDITATION – “Turn the other cheek” (Lamentations 3:30)

At times, even in our Christian walk it seems that people around us forget that even though we are Christians, we are still made of flesh. Here the Word of God tells us this: ” Let him offer his cheek to one who would strike him, and let him be filled with disgrace.” My brother, my sister, this is certainly one of the most difficult things to do when we are unfairly treated, isn’t it? Yet, this call reminds us that sometimes God can allow us to suffer criticism and abuse for His purposes. Jesus taught His followers to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:29) and He demonstrated this at the highest level Himself just before being crucified when He was insulted or slapped many times for things He had not done or said (Matthew 27:27-31; Luke 22:64; John 18:22; John 19:3). Of course, this does not mean that as believers we should justify or accept continued suffering or physical abuse of any kind. Yes, my friends, as followers of Christ we should expect to be going through the same things our Master Jesus went through, but as we keep our eyes set on Him, we know that victory is ours in Him and Him alone. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.