TODAY’S MEDITATION – Truth is always timely (Proverbs 12:19)

In our societies today, many people like to twist the truth or facts to support their claims. My brother, my sister, whatever is not truth will always lead to a dead-end trap because in the end, it is a lie! Truth is always timely and it applies today and in the future, because it is connected with God’s changeless character. Yes, the Bible has withstood the test of time because God is truth, so His Word is true. The same, whatever lie has followed or preceded you will never resist the test of time, because… one day, one day, since you are in Christ, who is THE truth, the truth will prevail in your life and situation. So, why worry about what people say about you when you know the truth? Why worry about what the circumstances are telling you about your life or situation? Just stick to THE Truth, as The Truth will set you free in this world and spiritually. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.