TODAY’S MEDITATION – “This is my Son… Listen to Him” (Luke 9:35)

Who do you listen to? This question is a real one that every believer must ask themselves. “who am I listening to?” My brother, my sister, are you listening to yourself, your parents, your friends, your pastor, your circumstances, your problems? Who are you listening to? Allow me this short story for you to understand the importance of this question. One day my youngest son went out without wearing a coat on a very cold day, telling me he did not feel cold. I warned him that he could catch a cold, and he indeed came back with cough and runny nose. Now, he told me: “Mum, I do not feel well, can you give me medicine?” I replied: “You did not listen when I warned you, now you trust that the medication I’ll give you can heal you or make you to feel better?” Does it speak to you? So let’s me ask you again: who do you listen to?

The sad truth is that many believers are stubborn! They don’t listen to God who said, “This is my beloved Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” My friend, if you had really listened to Jesus since you gave your life to Him, many things you are going through right now would not be happening in your life! Why? Because He is the truth and He can only lead you to the truth. He is the light and can only lead you to the Light… He is the Son of God in whom the Father loves (Matthew 3:17), so He can only lead you to do what pleases God the Father. Besides, God the Father is so pleased with Him that whatever He asks Him for you when He intercedes for you, the Father grants it right away. That is the reason why Jesus gave us this assurance: ” I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14:13)… Yet, many people don’t listen to Him, but they want Him to respond to their requests made in His name. It does not work like that! The principles of God will not change for you! Starts by listening to Christ through His teachings in the four Gospels and your life will never be the same!

You see, Jesus received the power and authority of God as His son. Thus His words should be your final authority. Unfortunately, many believers are hasty to seek advice and guidance from merely human sources, neglecting the message of Christ, just because they are struggling to do what He says in the Word. My friend, if a person’s teaching is sweet to your ears where Christ condemns what you do or think, sorry to tell you that you are not listening to Him but to man. The fact is: the message you hear MUST agree with Jesus’ teachings to become alive and transform your life.The message of a man will never heal you or give you peace. Therefore, stop turning the page of the Bible to look for sweet and comforting verses when the Spirit leads you to the verses that the Lord wants you to read because they focus on things you have to change in your character or your way of life. The same, stop thinking that what you are reading in the Word could better apply to your brother or your sister, as you are reading the Word for your own education and spiritual growth, not for someone else… so, that passage applies to you yourself first. Learn to listen to the Lord, and He will change your life for the glory of God. Yes, listen to Jesus because He alone can restore you, heal you, make you prosper and raise you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.