TODAY’S MEDITATION – There is only one remedy that works without fail… Jesus! (Amos 5:6)

Things are going so fast in the world nowadays that even the elements seem to have taken the same speed: weather changes that we humans do not always understand, catastrophes here and there… in the end there seems to be more poverty, more depressed people and more lack while societies have advanced economically. My brother, my sister, there is one sure remedy for a world that is sick and dying in sin: “Come back to the Lord and live!” Obviously, the world is suffering because of sin and sin seeks to destroy, but hope is found in seeking God through Jesus Christ. Yes, if you are going through difficult times, the remedy for it is seek God! Yes, if you are experiencing personal discomfort and struggle, seek God… Yes, my friend, when others are struggling around you, encourage them to seek God, too. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.