TODAY’S MEDITATION – The sorrows of death are all around us (Psalm 116:3-8)

The sorrows of death are all around us. My brother, my sister, don’t you see? Don’t you hear? Today, in all societies, men are no longer considered fathers but sperm donors because it has become normal and natural to be a single mother, and some societies will even pay you more money because you are single with children. There was a time when our societies were based on what God initially intended: men took care of the home, raised the children and provided. Nowadays, we live in matriarchal societies where women are encouraged to play multiple roles. Instead of the women nurturing the children, they now have the responsibility of nurturing, financing, and rearing the family… without a man. Even a fashionable word was created “career woman or masculine women” for some. And not only that, the society has given her the power to chase away the man whenever she gets angry at him and wants a little break. My friend, don’t be mistaken… I am a woman, even a feminist to fit in the society’s framework, yet and still, the truth of the Gospel must be told and that is why we should ask ourselves this question: can there ever be peace in our societies or in our families when we are living in a structure God has not created us?

Just look outside your home: the breakdown of the family structure is is grabbing a hold and has a devastating effect on young people in our societies who are losing the battle. Why? Because the man who previously represented the vision and was to give the sight or the spiritual direction of the family was reduced to an observer of his own home when he is not missing. Yet the Bible says that where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). Since our societies have reduced the role of men in the family, where do we stand? Should we be surprised that our communities are infested with drugs, that women are presented as naked and worthless products in all TV programmes, that our elderly are no longer respected, that taking the life of another man is as easy as going to school, that some teenagers think it is “cool” to go through the box prison at least once in their lives? My friend, the sorrows of death are all around us and many people, including believers, are losing the battle in their own homes or families.

That is why, knowing everything in advance of time, God tells us not to conform to this world, but to have a mindset based on heavenly things, in order to endure and withstand the sorrows of death that are all around us (Romans 12:2). It also means that you should know that when a problem occurs on your left, when tribulation comes at your right, when the pain is in your back, God will keep you, God will sustain you because there is nothing too big, nothing too small for Him. This should also reassure you to know that when it comes to battle, Jesus Christ gives you victory, for in Him you are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37).

Yes, the only hope we have in this life is Jesus. Today’s passage was written when David faced adversity as Saul wanted to kill him, but David knew he could not fight against Saul, so he simply turned to the Lord saying: “Lord, save me “(verse 4). He knew that it is power when you call on the name of the Lord. It is healing when we call on the name of the Lord. It is deliverance when you call on the name of the Lord. And you, my friend, do you know it? If you really know it, then don’t let the sorrows of death and the pains of hell meet you or your loved ones at the crossroads of life, call on the name of the Lord. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.