TODAY’S MEDITATION – The offering that pleases God is that one that leads you to obedience… (Jeremiah 7:21-23)

Today, many churches are so anxious to have a large number of believers that they are less concerned about teaching people the basics of the Word. My brother, my sister, it is important for us to know that God does not accept all offerings or sacrifices we make. This is the reason why some people end up having a bitter heart, thinking that God does not answer them. The truth is, God Himself established a system of sacrifice and for a reason: to encourage His people to joyfully obey Him (read the book of Leviticus). Therefore, He requires His people to make sacrifices, NOT TO PLEASE HIM, but because their sacrifices would cause them to recognize their sin and refocus on living for God. The best example of sacrifice that we have is Jesus on the Cross. It was a sacrifice of obedience and love. Jesus did not do it to gain anything… for He gave everything ! Today, it’s common to hear churches bargaining in churches that people will be blessed if they bring offerings and sacrifices to church. My friend, what you call a sacrifice cannot be dictated to you by a man! If someone gives you the amount of the offering to give or the sacrifice to make, then know that you are giving it to a man, and certainly not to God! Why? Because when God requires sacrifices from His people, He expects a pure sacrifice that comes from your desire to obey Him and to refocus on Him in the first place, not to be blessed in return. This passage confirms it as Jeremiah is telling us that unless we are prepared to obey God in all areas of our lives, acting out of religious rituals is meaningless. Before offering any sacrifice to God (whether it is a sacrifice of praise, fasting, offering, tithe, etc.) ensure your heart is pure, because just like only unstained lamb were accepted by God in the past, your sacrifice or offering has to be pure for God to accept it. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.