TODAY’S MEDITATION – The more we seek the Truth, Jesus, the more stable we become spiritually, emotionally, physically (Proverbs 8:17)

There is something that the church of today should not neglect: believers whose faith is not growing. Christian faith provides a growth track into the knowledge of the truth (or should I say, the Truth) but along the way, how do we guard ourselves against being deceived by lies that are masquerading as “well-crafted” arguments? My brother, my sister, if your growth track is too narrow you will become thick-headed and you will land in your island of knowledge. In other words, no one will be able to teach you anything. And before you know it you won’t be able to teach anyone around you either,because no one would listen to you. On the other hand, If your track is too wide and every idea is an exciting new possibility, you will waste a lot of time just keeping on track and risk some unfortunate and dangerous detours towards the Truth.

My friend, the key to Christian growth is to centre your faith on Christ and bathe in His Word. We need to learn daily to know the Saviour through our daily study of the Bible. We need to develop our theological knowledge based on Christ’s teachings. We need to learn to stay humble but curious about the amazing complexity of the world God has created. The Bible teaches us that when we do not get something we must pray for it and seek the Lord above all else. Many believers understand by this that they need to pray for their daily physical needs or spiritual gifts while in fact the Lord wants us to focus on our spiritual needs every day: wisdom, our faith, our spiritual growth, a regular life of prayer, meditation of His Word, etc. Such prayers inevitably increase our faith in Christ and grounds our walk with the Lord on solid foundations. The more we seek the Truth, Jesus, the more stable we become spiritually, emotionally, physically… why? Because He reveals Himself to those who are seeking Him wholeheartedly.

My friend, ground yourself in the Lord’s Word and your faith will grow steadily and appropriately. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.