TODAY’S MEDITATION – The means you use to accomplish a goal are important (1 Samuel 24:16-19)

Nowadays, many people believe that the end justifies means, which means that you can use bad or immoral methods as long as you get to a result that is good by using them. This is for the world, not for Christians! My brother, my sister, when you claim to be a Christian, then you should know that the Lord we are serving does not compromise and that He has set principles you ought to follow. In these verses, we read that David’s goal was to become king. Now, his men urged him to kill Saul when he had the chance to do so. But he refused. You see, David’s refusal was certainly not an example of cowardice but of courage: the courage to stand against a group of men and do what he knew was right. Yes, the means you use to accomplish a goal are just as important as the goal you are trying to accomplish. When you start compromising your moral standards by giving in to the pressure of society, friends or family, or when you decide to take the easy way out to accomplish a goal, then you are not relying on the One who dwells in you and who has given you victory anyway. As Christians, our eyes must always remain set on Christ who is sitting on the right hand of God, interceding for us daily, when we are tired or sleeping and when we think the situation is lost. My friends, the Bible tells us not to be conformed to this world, so as we trust in Jesus, we should learn to live according to His standards, and conversely, reject the methods of the world. And whatever goal you have, give it to Him, trust in Him to help you accomplish it because He has the strength, the resource, the wisdom you need to accomplish it. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.