TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Lord’s hand is not too weak to save, heal or restore you (Isaiah 59:1-14)

What sadness to see that many believers are still shortening the actions of God in their lives. Those people can easily be identified: they never attend church services where they can gain the knowledge of the Lord such as Bible studies or Sunday services unless they hear there is a prophet or a deliverance minister coming! And some churches have understood that and compromising with the Word, just to get members instead of making disciples! My brother, my sister, may be you have many unanswered prayers? No man can better answer them than the Jesus. You are fighting with sin? No man can better help you than the one who became sin on your behalf so that you may be freed from sin. You are looking for direction in your life, there is no better GPS than Jesus… So, get to know Him first! In today’s passage, we read this: “Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.” In other words, as long a sin is part of your life, the Lord is looking the other way. My friend, the Lord wants you to live with Him forever, but He cannot ignore, excuse or even tolerate any sin or anything that He is asking you not to do in His Word! The Bible says: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). My friend, stop looking for miracles of healing, restoration or deliverance here and there, turn sincerely to Jesus, for He alone was given the authority on earth and in heaven to save you, deliver you, heal you, restore you (Matthew 28:18)! You know, all God wants from us when things are not working right in our lives is FIRST AND MOSTLY to confess our sins, repent and return to Him so that He can put things back in order in our lives. Also, be careful, because your search of people’s words instead of God’s Word may just be an indication that you are not hearing God yourself… by the way you hear Him by hearing and applying what He says in His Word!. Now, this is what the Bible says: “Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God” (John 8:47). Now bear in mind that Jesus did not come to give us miracles, He came to give us eternal life through our reconciliation with God… Miracles are only for this life on earth, so stop shortening the Lord’s action in your life by learning to Know the one you would like to spend eternity with. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]