TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Lord will always have the last word, so surrender now! (Jeremiah 18:1-17)

Today, let’s meditate on one impact of our acceptance of the Lord, which is: God is the Almighty, and no matter what we do, He has the last word! On today’s passage, we read this “But they will reply, ‘It’s no use. We will continue with our own plans; we will all follow the stubbornness of our evil hearts’” (verse 12). Isn’t it what many of us do when the Lord is trying to tell us to turn back from our wicked ways? Besides, because we live in societies that tend to admire assertiveness, independence and defiance of authority, many believers don’t usually understand that those values are meaningless before God and should be left out of the doors of the Church of Christ! My brother, my sister, as a believer, when you yield to God, the first thing He does is to reshape you into a valuable vessel… He won’t just start blessing you. As you understand this today, trust Him and be patient as you allow Him to work in you to make the changes or adjustment He wishes before His purpose will be fulfilled in your life. You may wonder why God wants to reshape you while He is your creator. Does it mean He did not create you in the right shape in the first place? Certainly not! The answer is on verse 15: “my people have forgotten me.” What has God’s people forgotten? That as their Creator, He molds them as the potter molds the clay, because while in the world, they were shaped in a form He did not intend for them, and to wipe out the flaws, defects or imperfections the world has deposited in them, He has to reshaped them! Now, can the clay ask the potter ‘you first made me round, why are you giving me a square shape now?’ That’s what we do most of the time, when we resist His transformation through His Spirit. My friend, we should always keep in mind that God has power over our lives, our decisions, etc… It is not because He gives us the choice to decide to love Him or not, to obey Him or not that we can really do anything we want. In fact, yes, there is one thing we surely can do for ourselves, when stubbornness, self-importance and the refusal to listen or change become a way of life hostile to God: our hearts can become as hard as the clay that the potter has put aside before finishing working on it. And do you know what happens to such clay? Because it is unfinished and shapeless, it is worth nothing and will be broken and destroyed, sometimes, by the potter himself. All this is to tell you that God is Almighty. He alone has the power to work a miracle in your life. But this miracle can happen only when you are willing and receptive to His calling to yield to His Son who sacrificed His life for you, so that He can reshape you to conform to His purpose. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]