TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Lord knows when you need strength (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

Today’s passage says this: “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil”. My brother, my sister, if you fell weak right now, if you feel insecure or have the feeling that the devil is after you at the moment, cling to God’s word. Today, hear what Apostle Paul is saying and just believe.

Most believers do not bear the cross or accept the little time of suffering that comes on their path. Worse, they jump in a spiritual battle when things do not seem like they imagined. My friend, Jesus was on earth to experience everything we may go through. So, when pain or suffering comes, our first reference must be Jesus. As we learn to identify ourselves with Him, we will also learn how to carry the cross, with the assurance that our God is faithful to work a miracle through our unwanted situation. Unfortunately, impatience and the lack of revelation often urge many believers to do the opposite of what God expects of them in difficult times. On the Cross, Jesus did not cry or complain… On the Cross, He abandoned Himself to God the Father, because He knew that His strength and protection against the plans of the devil would come from above.

My friend, no matter what is happening in your life right now, try with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul not to give in to the devil’s distractions or schemes. But, set your eyes on the work of the cross and appeal to Jesus, so that He can help you find the Faithful God. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.