TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Lord is with you “so that” (Genesis 39:1-5)

How amazing to read a passage of the Word for the nth time and to notice things you have never noticed before. My brother, my sister, yes… The Word of God is the source of life as the revealed Word starts speaking and becomes the living Word. In these verses, we read this “The Lord was with Joseph SO THAT he prospered…” (verse 2). My friends, one of the key words here is “so that”. and this should bring us to wonder individually why we want The Lord to be with us. Yes, why do you want The Lord to be with you today? Finding the purpose will give you grounds to ask Him to be with you. You see, most of the time we want Him to be with us for selfish grounds. Yet, here God wanted Joseph to be where he was to prepare him for his future mission, and along this preparation that came with imprisonment based on false accusations (verse 20), The Lord put him there to prosper first! Yes, when The Lord is with us, it is “so that” we prosper in all areas of our lives; so that we bring His peace and love to others. Now look at what happens when The Lord is with us? People will see it! (verse 3). And because of our selfish nature, many will try to take advantage of us not knowing that they don’t need to do anything, for, when The Lord is with us people around us will benefit from it! Alleluia! “The Lord blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph” (verse 5). And even when sent into prison, The Lord “granted him favour in the eyes of the prison warden” (verse 22)… And he did not lose his status : in Potiphar’s house he was in charge (verse 6) and in prison, he was in charge verse 22). And the same as Potiphar trust him, so did the warden. My friends, no matter where you are and what circumstances you are in, when The Lord is with you, as long as His purpose is being fulfilled, everything you do is condemned to be successful. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.