TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Lord is like a father to His children (Psalm 103:13-14)

We are so fragile and sometimes have to go through deception by other people that it becomes difficult to trust anyone. My brother, my sister, God’s love and care for you is eternal. Too often we focus on God as the judge and lawgiver, ignoring His compassion and concern for us. You know, when God examines your life, He remembers your human condition. So, you should not use your weaknesses as a justification of sin because His mercy takes everything into account and the Lord, your Father, will always deal with you with great compassion. And to ensure you have no doubt about it, He had sent Jesus to die on the cross for you, so that whenever He looks at you, whatever your condition and your situation, He sees Jesus in you. So trust in Jesus and give Him every part of your life because He is the insurance you have that guarantees you direct access to the Lord your Father. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.