TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Lord allows that difficult situation for you to serve Him (Philippians 1:16)

Here, Apostle Paul is in prison. But instead of feeling discouraged, depressed or disillusioned because of his situation, he looked at it as being appointed by God. My brother, my sister, do you know that God can use your unwanted situation to serve Him, just like He used Paul’s imprisonment in Rome to bring the gospel to the centre of the empire, as Paul now had lots of time to write the letters we now read in the New Testament where He gives us much teaching and encouragement to live as Christians. Unfortunately, when facing difficult situations, many Christians always see the works of the devil and start casting out or binding demons where God Himself is acting in their lives to bring them closer to Him. Don’t be quick in seeing Satan in everything that happens to you, for sometimes forgiveness, faithfulness or obedience to God are the keys to your deliverance, healing or even restoration. Of course Satan is and remains your enemy, but he is also the defeated enemy because in Christ you have already won over Satan and his traps. Today, know that there are unwanted situations in your life that God Himself has allowed, so that you can turn back to Him and become dependent on Him. My friend, do you feel you are in prison right now? Whether an actual prison or a place or a circumstance that makes you feel like you are in one, know that God wants you to serve Him faithfully and joyfully. Therefore, just like Paul, start using this time to spread the Good News and sing praises to the Lord instead of being wallowed by self-pity and despair. The Lord is in control of everything that happens to you, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Trust His sovereignty and you shall see His might at the time He has appointed for your freedom. Also know that the freedom of the Lord may not always be the end the result of what you have imagined in your mind. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]