TODAY’S MEDITATION – The key to your spiritual growth… (Hebrews 8:13)

Like some Jewish believers of the early churches, many believers who already know Jesus continue to cling to obsolete old ways instead of embracing His new covenant. My brother, my sister, there is so much joy in new-found faith in Christ who offers us fresh forgiveness and salvation. As Christians, we need to realise that life in Christ is never complete… as soon as we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour, we are to start a new life style. But many want what Jesus offers them, but are not ready to carry the cross on a daily basis. Yes, Heavens promises completeness, but until we get there, spiritual growth is the normal pattern in every Christian’s walk with the Lord. You also need to bear in mind is that this growth often goes along with seasons of drought and drabness that will enable you to make your faith in Christ stronger. But the key to spiritual growth includes daily devotion to Christ through the meditation of the Word of God and prayer. This word of faith may find you today in a state where you are feeling your growth has stagnated. Then, perhaps it is time you needed to hear that you need to intensify your study of the Bible and find assistance that will provide you with more substance spiritually. The problem is that, when they feel their faith is not growing, some people tend to blame their church or spiritual leader, or find excuses here and there instead of examining themselves and forgetting that faith is an individual matter! So, let me encourage you this morning to grow spiritually by engaging in new areas of service that will enable you to express your faith. Seek God for how he would have you keep growing in faith. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.