TODAY’S MEDITATION – The grace of Jesus transforms us (Galatians 2:20)

When you enjoy the grace of God, a transformation has to be visible in your life because you will first be crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ will now live in you. My brother, my sister, the grace we have received from Jesus can be considered like an arrangements the Lord made for us and with us, so that we can enjoy the abundant and eternal life He is offering to all (Titus 2:11). Let’s look at this grace in a simple way to understand it: you see, when parents pay for a music lesson for their child, all the child has to do is to attend the music class and practice, doing the very best to become the best student in the class… It is simple: does the child’s practice pay the music teacher? No. Does the child’s practice repay the parents for paying for the music lessons? No. However, it is through the practicing that the child will show appreciation to the parents’ free gift. Yes, the way the child takes advantage of the amazing opportunity he was offered by the parents is what makes the parents happy. now, JESUS PAID THE PRICE FOR US ON THE CROSS! Yet, we sometimes see His requirements as being way too much to ask. If this is your case, then you do not yet see through Christ’s eyes or you have not yet comprehended what He is trying to make of you. The sad reality today is that, too many people are giving up on the Church because they are tired of constantly feeling like they are falling short…They have tried in the past, but they always feel like they are just not good enough. It is just that they don’t understand grace… My friend, if you are in that case, the Lord is telling you this today: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). All you need to do is to call on the One who can strengthen you, because His grace is sufficient to transform your shortcomings, to cover your debts; it is sufficient to transform you, to help you in any area of your life as long as that transformation process takes. Besides, just like the parents will expect their child to practice for the lesson they paid for, the Lord expects two main things from us so that we can fully enjoy His grace: “Follow me” (Matthew 4:19) and “Keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.