TODAY’S MEDITATION – The four soils or how do you apply the Lord’s message? (Mark 4:14-20)

The Parable of the Four Soil is often preached in a way that stresses the fact that there are four different ways people respond to the Lord’s message. Usually, we indeed think that Jesus is talking about four different kinds of people who are hearing His message for the first time. My brother, my sister, have you ever turned this Parable to consider that it may be taking to believers, those who have already accepted Jesus? Today, let’s look at this Parable in a different perspective, because the Bible does not always say things in a straightforward way, and unless we seek deeply into it we may not grasp all the Lord is trying to teach us in the Word. In this Parable, Jesus may also be talking to you who already know Him, namely about different times and stages of your walk with Him and the way you willingly apply His message to some areas of your life but resist it to others. Let’s clarify this: you may say you trust God about your future, but when it comes to spending your money, you lose that trust because you are always afraid of lacking or not having enough to do what you would like to do. Another example: you may respond like the good soil to the Lord’s demand to worship Him but respond like the rocky soil to His demand to give to people in need. My friend, today, examine yourself and see the areas you are still a rocky soil (where you resist doing what He is asking you to do or what He expects from you), then strive to be like good soil in every area of your life and at all times. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]