TODAY’S MEDITATION – The Bible says “check it for yourself” (Luke 1:1-4)

Luke was a medical doctor before following Jesus. Therefore, he knew the importance of being thorough. He used his skills in observation and analysis to thoroughly investigate the stories about Jesus. His diagnosis was: The Good News of Jesus Christ is true! My brother, my sister, as you read Luke’s account of Jesus, you are reading a clear thinker and thoughtful researcher. Because the Good News is founded on historical truth, our spiritual growth must involve careful, disciplined and thorough investigation of God’s Word, which will help us understand how God has acted in history. Today, many Christians base their growth in what men say, not or partially in the Word… we need to be careful not to seek men who are inclined to tell us their biased account of Jesus. Yes, when we read Luke, we see that there was many firsthand accounts about Jesus, but Luke took all that and investigated himself, then used all available resources to give an accurate and complete account of Jesus’ life, teachings and ministry. Why? Because the truth was important to Luke! That is the problem with many Christians today. They are not looking for THE truth, they are looking for THEIR truth! My friends, Christianity does not say “close your eyes and believe”, but rather “check it for yourself”. What is your account of Jesus? Is it based on mere hear-say? Is it based on THE truth? Yes, the Bible encourages you to investigate its claims thoroughly (John 1:46; Acts 17:11-12). Yes, my friend, examine if what you are saying and if what you hear is true because your diagnosis and conclusion about Jesus is a life-and-death matter. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.