TODAY’S MEDITATION – That mountain before you is there for a purpose (Psalm 18:32-34)

Many new converts often mistakenly think that becoming a child of God removes trials from their lives. My brother, sister, whoever told you that you will have less problems or challenges once you accept Jesus lied to you because Jesus himself warned us that following Him is to carry our cross, like Him. Now, remember what Jesus carried on the cross: false accusations, mockery, insults, abandonment of those who once told Him they loved Him, etc… And, He carried all that in love for you and I not to have to carry that anymore. Now you may wonder: “why do I still have to endure the same kind of things then?” The answer is simple: God does not promise to eliminate trials from our lives. Instead, He promises to give us the strength we need to meet those challenges. My friend, if the Lord does not allow bumpy roads on your way, mountains to climb and battles to fight, you will never grow. Imagine if at your current age, you always run to your mother for breastfeeding whenever you are hungry… it would be the same. However, because He is a loving God, by His Spirit He lives in you so that you are not alone to face hardships. Yes, when you trust Him, He stands beside you to help you cope with the mountain standing before you and that is where He teaches you, gives you the strength to face in order to access the victory you have already acquired in Jesus Christ on the cross anyway. stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]