TODAY’S MEDITATION – “Teach me to do your will” (Psalm 143:5-10)

In these verses, we see David is losing hope, caught in fear and deep depression. For any of us, such times can happen during our lives when we could feel caught in deepening depression or unable to pull ourselves out of something that is weighing us down. My brother, my sister, know that at those times you can always come back to the Lord and like David express your true feelings to Him, especially when you feel that no one understand your situation. Jesus carried all our burdens on the Cross, and nothing you can experience will ever be too heavy for Him or heavier than the Cross! Therefore, when times are difficult for you, or that problems seem to have taken control of your life, look back into your past and remember support you have received from the Lord in another difficult situation as David, who remembers what the Lord has done for him (verse 5); reach out to Jesus in prayer, just like David did to God (verse 6), renew your strength and trust in Him to show you how to walk out of your circumstances, just like David (verse and above all seek to do His will (verse 10). My friend, this psalm teaches us that in our prayer, it is important to always ask the Lord to teach us to do His will, not ours. But also know that a prayer where you ask God’s direction can become selfish if it does not recognize God’s power to redirect your life. How many times do we stand before the Lord asking Him for help, but when He shows us what to do or the path to take, we neglect His ways because they seem “not normal” to us? Let’s never forget that the Lord declared that “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways” (Isaiah 55:8)! Yes, asking God to do His will will undeniably restructure our priorities in life as it awakens our minds and stirs our will to see things like God sees them. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.