TODAY’S MEDITATION – Take heart, the Lord is strengthening you! (1 Samuel 17:48-49)

This passage describes David fighting Goliath. The Bible shows us that David was able to move faster than Goliath because he carried no weapons or armour. And not only that, David was able to stay away from Goliath’s huge weapons. How? My brother, my sister, much more than his ability to handle a sling, it was David’s courage and faith in God that stood before Goliath. You see, to fight like David, you too need his kind of fearlessness that comes from his total trust in God. Indeed his trust in God developed in the adversity when he encountered wild animals while guarding his father’s sheep (1 Samuel 17:34-37). Unfortunately today, so many believers are fearful and not brave at all: before any test, they flee, they abandon faith or curl up in themselves instead of trusting the Lord.

My friend, whenever you face towering problems or difficulties, always recall how God helped you in the past. If you truly trust in Him, you should also be reassured of your coming victory over today’s hardships. No stubborn problem can stand before our Lord, just like Goliath could not stand before David’s sling! The Lord does not need an army to overcome persistent problems or difficulties in your life: He needs your courage and faith in Him! So, take heart because Jesus gives you the strength you need to stand up and, like David, face instead of fleeing difficulties, using the skills God has already given you to bring down Goliath and move forward. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.